Turntables need maintenance and adjustments to sound as good as the manufacturer intended. In addition to servicing turntables, I rewire tonearms, fit new tonearms, mount and align cartridges, restore classic turntables and help put together sound systems  for playing records.

Tonearm rewiring

A tonearm will need rewiring if:

  • the wiring has developed a continuity fault and there is either a dead channel or a channel that drops out intermittently.
  • you want to upgrade the old wire to new or better wire.

I rewire tonearms with either a medical-grade copper Litz wire or the Cardas 33 awg. You decide which you prefer.

I also fit wiring looms, a common fitting being the Incognito loom onto Rega tonearms.

Tonearm fitting

If you’re considering upgrading the tonearm on your turntable, I can fit the new tonearm. Your upgrade may require new fittings like an arm board or a mounting platform and I can advise you on what is needed. I also cut and fit new armboards on popular brands like Linn, Thorens and several others.

Turntable servicing

Turntables require maintenance and readjusting to perform as the manufacturer intended. There are different levels of servicing depending on the make and the model of the turntable. If you have a turntable that you think is not working optimally, I can assess the turntable and give you a quote for the work needed.

Some of the things I can do to improve the performance of your turntable includes installing new platter belts (depending on availability), repairing or replacing the hard-wired RCA cables or plugs, simple speed adjustments and cleaning the speed controls.

Turntable restoration

If you have a classic turntable that that needs be restored to working condition, I can advise you if the project is viable depending on the availability and cost of parts. I restore all turntable makes and models, including those with a classic idler drive like the Garrard 301 and Garrard 401 and those with a classic belt drive like the Thorens TD125 or Thorens TD150.

Cartridge mounting and alignment

Cartridges on turntables need to be correctly mounted and aligned. An ill-fitted cartridge rarely sounds as good as it could and often damages precious records. I can mount your cartridge and align it to the turntable’s specifications.

Sound systems

Classic turntables are not plug-and-play. To play vinyl you need a sound system with a turntable and a pre-amplifier in addition to the usual amplifier and speakers. If you have some of these hi-fi components or even none at all, I can help you put together your sound system. I may have some components in stock, and if not, I can source others for you. Let me help you get your system up and running, be it budget or bespoke audiophile systems.

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