Eminem – The Eminem Show 2LP


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  • A1. Curtains Up (Skit)
  • A2. White America
  • A3. Business
  • A4. Cleaning Out My Closet
  • A5. Square Dance
  • B1. The Kiss (Skit)
  • B2. Soldier
  • B3. Say Goodbye Hollywood
  • B4. Drips
  • B5. Without Me
  • C1. Paul Rosenberg (Skit)
  • C2. Sing For The Moment
  • C3. Superman
  • C4. Hailie’s Song
  • D1. Steve Berman (Skit)
  • D2. When The Music Stops
  • D3. Say What You Say
  • D4. Till I Collapse
  • D5. My Dad’s Gone Crazy
  • D6. Curtains Close (Skit)
Eminem – The Eminem Show 2LP